Special Couplers and Adapters

Flow Wolf® Adapter Kit Includes:

Description  Part Number
Flow Wolf® Leak-Lock Adapter #1  D-FW-LL1-SS
Flow Wolf® Leak-Lock Adapter #2  D-FW-LL2-SS
Flow Wolf® Leak-Lock Adapter #1 D-FW-LL1-MS-SS
Screw-On Body Vent Tool  D-SO-BV-CS
Flow Wolf® Screw-On Adapter  D-FW-SO-BH
Daniel Orifice Adapter  D-FW-OA1/4-CS
Cameron Screw-On Adapter  D-FW-CAM-SO-CS
Small Buttonhead Coupler  H-CPAS
Sealweld® Screw-On Coupler  H-CPSO
Small Screw-On Adapter  D-SSO-SO-CS
McEvoy-Style Screw-On Adapter  D-M1-SO-CS
Screw-On Relief Valve Coupler  D-SO-RV
High-Pressure Straight Swivel  H-SV-ST1
Release Valve  H-RVAB
Giant Buttonhead Coupler  H-CPSG-2
Locking Plastic Case B-CS-ADPKIT

A must for every valve technician. An assortment of our most popular adapters for attaching the hose assembly to the different styles of valve fittings.