Clamping Services

Pipeline repair clamps are designed to be installed on damaged or leaking pipework, encapsulating the defect within the clamp body and regaining pressure integrity through mechanical seals and / or locks.

 It is always a challenge to repair a pipeline in place without having to disrupt the operation or do extensive excavation, cutting and welding to fix a pipe leak. There are wide variety of pipeline repair clamps and sleeves that can isolate a pipe leak, flaw with minimal service interruption. They all are based on a simple principle of creating sealing mechanism on the outside of the pipe and clamp on the damaged section by mechanical means (bolts, welding etc.)

AHSTCO works with pipeline and flange clamping. We handle pipe clamping  of 2 to 56 inches sizes and class 150 to 2,500. 

Our specially-trained crews will inspect the site and take the necessary measurements of the pipe or flange. We then design the clamp and manufacture it. We fix and install the clamp and inject specific products as per the type of leak.