Emergency Valve Sealing

AHSTCO is the no. 1 choice in the industry when it comes to Emergency Valve Sealing Services. We have the most advanced and sophisticated products, equipment and technology to get the job done.  Our Sealweld line of products remain the primary choice when it comes to sealing your leaking valves. Our technicians are well-trained and equipped with all the necessary and needed knowledge and exprtise to perform the  job.

With our partnership with Sealweld, we are the world leader in emergency valve sealing. Our techniques and procedures allow technicians to inject cleaner and sealant while the valve is in-line and under pressure. We focus on manufacturing ‘temporary’ sealants that can be flushed out after the work is complete, allowing the operator to cycle the valve again if necessary.

Our emergency sealants are specially designed to provide a reliable seal when required and can be used in most makes and types of lubricated valves. With our expertise, products and procedures refined over decades of field applications, you can expect to successfully seal 98% of all valve leaks.

  • Leakage across the seats
  • Stem / Trunnion leakage
  • Valve body leakage
  • Valve fitting leakage
  • Bonnet leakage