Choke Valve Services

Choke valves are designed to create a choke or restrict the flow in the line. Due to continuous use and being subjected to all debris and contaminants on the line, the parts inside the choke valves no longer continue to work as they are designed for.

AHSTCO solution to this problem is our CHOKE VALVE SERVICES. We will come to your location, collect the choke valves and take them to our workshop. Our team of experts will then dismantle them completely. Check all signs of wear and tear, broken pans, accumulated sludge and other defects and do the necessary repair works to complete the refurbishment.

Additionally, during this timeframe, if required by the client, AHSTCO will provide the completely refurbished choke valves which are hydro-tested and certified by an approved third party company. This will be provided at the time during the pickup of the choke valves. Once our crew completes all the work on the collected choke valves, the refurbished choke valves will be returned to us upon delivery of the collected choke valves.