Leading Valve Maintenance in the Industry

AHSTCO is the undisputed solutions provider for in-line, under-pressure valve maintenance and repair. It is owned and founded by Abdullah Hamad Zayed Al-Shammary in 1988, where it started providing reliable services to local industry in the field of Construction, Vehicle Services, and Supplementary Manpower Services.  Due mainly to AHSTCO’s self-imposed high standard of service, quality assurance, reliability, and its realistic set of objectives, the company has grown steadily and continue to tailor its resources to suit the requirements of industry with the aim to satisfy its growing clientele.

We are the Pioneer in the Industry

Our track record speaks for itself. With 20 years in the valve industry, the biggest and leading companies in the Kingdom only trust AHSTCO to deliver quality and excellent valve services.

We Produce Excellent Results

With our partnership with Sealweld Canada, we have the most modern tools and equipment and the most reliable and top-of-the-line products to get the job done.

Our Sealants & Lubricants

Sealweld® Valve Care Products are recommended by many of the world’s largest valve manufacturers and are recommended as “no substitute” by many of the world’s largest pipeline operators and oil and gas companies for over forty years.

Preferred by professional valve maintenance technicians around the world because they have come to depend on our consistent quality and performance in routine use and in an emergency when a critical seal is demanded.

Our Skid Units, Pumps & Greasing Equipments

AHSTCO supplies highly efficient and dependable high pressure Grease Pump Skid Unit, Compressors, Portable Pumps, Bucket Pumps & Handheld Grease Guns, and many others. We also customize your Skid Units based on your specifications.

Here is our best...

Work Portfolio

We take pride in our commitment for service excellence provided to our customers. Through our innovative approach to valve repair and maintenance, we  minimize production loss caused by defective valves, repair and maintaining the valves with different causes to minimize the cost of materials and manpower in replacing valves aside from stopping the flow of production.

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Innovative Projects Completed

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Extraordinary Skilled Employees

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Awards of Excellence

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