Easy Drive


The device is attached to the handwheel of the valve using pneumatic energy, and  can be used to cycle the valve to open/close position or stroking the valve.

The device is used to save time in opening/closing or stroking the valve instead of manual cycling them which requires a lot of effort and strength from the technicians. 

So, MAKE IT EASY, TAKE IT EASY. Make EASY DRIVE part of  your tools and make valve stroking an easy job to do–less effort and less time-consuming… 


  •  A must-have tool for opening and closing any type of manual valves within minutes. 
  • Using the Power Wrench, these adaptors saves time and money. Even large valves can be operated easily. 
  • These adaptors are operator-friendly tool. It helps to avoid strained backs, sore muscles, and user fatigue.
  • The Power Wrench allows for faster valve operation in production processes.