Mobile Training Lab


AHSTCO Mobile Valve Maintenance Training Program is first of its kind, the collective effort is based on our technician’s on-site hands-on experience to safely service and maintain every type of ball, gate, and plug valves commonly found in pipelines, plants, and facilities.




If preventive valve maintenance is performed regularly by skilled individuals can make a difference in optimal operation of your facilities or pipeline and reduce unscheduled shutdown. As every second of downtime means lost revenue, the ability to safely service valves that are on-line and under pressure without a shutdown is important to any operator & organization to run their facility as safely, efficiently and profitably as possible.




  • The training will be conducted at your convenient place.
  • The major part of the session will be done in our Mobile Training Lab which is designed and equipped with all the actual training modules & equipments to train technicians. This will enable technicians to acquire helpful techniques and hands-on instructions in on-line under pressure valve maintenance & troubleshooting. 




  • Types of Valves
  • Stem Packing Replacement
  • Gear Box Repair
  • Driving Nut Repair
  • Stop Leak and Replace Defective Injection Fittings
  • Familiarity and Functions of Valve’s Internal Parts
  • Importance of Adjustment Screw in Gear Box
  • Injection Pressure and Types of Injection Fittings
  • Operation and Preventive Maintenance of Lubrication Equipment
  • Valve Lubrication Capacities
  • Types and Purpose of Valve Cleaners, Lubricants and Sealants
  • Proper Handling of Hard to Operate and Stucked Valves
  • How to Seal a Passing and Leaking Valve
  • Valve Commissioning