Isolation Valve Preventive Maintenance




AHSTCO's Isolation Valve Preventive Maintenance is the newest addition to AHSTCO’s top-of-the-line services. It caters specifically to doing Preventive Maintenance on site. AHSTCO utilizes a specialized electrical car purposely dedicated to be used inside the plant since it won’t create spark and ignitions. The car is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment and spare parts needed in performing Preventive Maintenance. 


The spare parts which are already loaded in the car consists of all kinds of fittings for supported valves. Tools include Safety Whip Hose Manifold, Portable Greasing Bucket Pump, GRACO Pump. The Preventive Maintenance Tools includes, Thread Seal Tape (popularly known as Teflon tape), Penetrating Oil or fluid, Leak Detection Fluid, Leak Packing, Pack-King, Brass Hammer, Adjustable Spanners and Wrenches, Easy out tool or Extractor and Bleeder. 






  • Type: Carry-All 700 With Cargo Box
  • Color: Dark Blue/Gray
  • Model: 2020
  • Engine: 48-volt
  • Batteries: 6-volt
    Flooded Lead Acid
  • Speed: Maximum of up to 20KPH


  • The Carry-All 700 Electric Car provides greater mobility when operating inside plants and facilities thereby improving our staff’s efficiency on-site by allowing them to reach areas in their vehicle they previously could not, or even take shortcuts through areas that larger vehicle could not access. This vehicle has lightweight chassis that are also able to cross turf without damaging the ground and eliminate accidental spark when working inside a confined area.
  • Equipped with the required grease injection fittings, special packing and injectors, extractors, EZ -Turn Portable Actuator, sealant injection pumps, gear box spare parts, and sealing tools and accessories.