Field Service Support


AHSTCO supports field services job in providing all-in-one trailer, equipped with 15 tons x 27 meter boom tractor. Replacing a defective choke & Plug Limit valves with a new valve can be done in the site to minimize downtime. This includes ready for installation sealant clamps for pinhole pipe leaks.

The truck is also equipped with welding machine, generator, water supply and all necessary workshop tools to safely complete the work.


What's in the trailer truck

1.The trailer truck is equipped with standby choke valves
Choke valves that needs repair will be taken out from the line and will be replaced from the truck with a refurbished, hydro-tested and certified choke valve that is ready in the trailer.

2.It also provides gear box repair with spare parts
Broken and damaged gear box will be removed from the valve and brought to the truck for servicing (repairs, and spare parts replacement). After greasing them, they will then installed back to the valve.

3.Pipe clamps is also readily available
with sealant at a maximum working pressure up to 3000 psi. Sizes includes 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”


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